About St. Mary's School

St Mary's Catholic school is spreading the "Good News"; the good news about our Catholic Community School. We are located on the northern edge of Big Rapids andPlayground home of Ferris State University. We serve students from Big Rapids, Morley, Stanwood, Reed City, Newaygo, and White Cloud areas.

Mission Statement

Flowing from the mission of St. Mary Parish, St. Mary School students will learn to know, love and serve God through academic pursuits, spiritual development and service to the community.


5 Reasons to Choose a Catholic School

  1. Emphasis on Moral Development, Faith, Service and Leadership
  2. Individual Attention in Small Classes with Nurturing Teachers
  3. Balanced Curriculum and Competitive Sports by 4th Grade
  4. Commitment to Technology and the Use of Smart Boards
  5. Academic Excellence and Preperation for Further Education

Our Philosophy

St. Mary students will have the right to:

  • learn in a caring and nurturing environment
  • learn to the highest level of their academic ability
  • be academically assessed in order to keep administration in check of academic progress of all students for continual improvement
  • spiritual and Catholic faith based education
  • learn and teachers have the right to teach