PCCW November Meeting Minutes


The meeting began at 12:05 p.m. after lunch with the opening prayer given by Vice-President Kay Crew.  There were

20 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:  Barb Duncanson read the minutes October 2, 2017.  The minutes were accepted as read with one correction:  Correct spelling to Father Jegar (instead of Jager) – page 2.

Treasurer’s Report:  Theresa Foust presented the treasurer’s report.  The balance in the checking account is $11,638.65 and savings is $16,156.93.  Expenses included masses and funeral luncheons.  The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.


ASSIST CHAIRS – Kathryn went to the Eagles to look at chairs they were selling – but they turned out to be ordinary chairs.  Will continue to research.

CLEANING THE CHURCH –  Barb does not have an answer yet.

WELCOMING COMMITTEE – Deb Cox reported that the committee is getting closer to finalizing the items to be contained in the basket and costs.  We are working on a budget to present to the Finance Committee.  Some discussion on how to present the basket to the new member:  a) go to the person’s home; b) the new parishioner could pick the basket up in the office; c) have Father present it at church at the end of the Mass.  Someone mentioned to include a scrip card in the basket.


  1. Kay Crew advised that the appliance raffle item is an “Instant Pot” which is a seven-function pressure cooker.
  2. Grandma’s Attic Booth – the deadline for donations is Monday November 27. Take donations to Parish office during the week or the kitchen at St. Mary’s on Saturday or Sunday.  Items may also be dropped at the Carpet Gallery.  Items must be clearly marked “for Grandma’s Attic”.  Also, bleachers are needed at the bazaar.
  3. Committee Chairperson Assignment Times:

Thursday    10:30-4pm

Friday            9:00-4pm

Saturday       8:30-2pm

Sunday        11:30-close

  1. Remind the Greens Booth not to lock the doors.
  2. Suggestion: have a greeter at the door (Barb Duncanson will do this).
  3. Booth chairs – let Theresa Foust know what kind of change you will need.
  4. Do not wait until the last minute to take inventory on Sunday.
  5. Silence Auction Baskets….we will meet at noon at St. Paul’s to put the baskets together on Mon. November 27
  6. Christmas Tree…Phyllis Grant is donating a small tree.
  7. Lunch Menu: Linda Shields reported that 83 people were served last year so some adjustment are being made  to the menu.  The menu will include two soups:  chicken noodle and potato soup; sloppy joes (15-20# of        hamburger will be purchased); cole slaw (from KFC), crackers, chips, diet and regular coke, desserts (will  advertise for donations).
  1. Kathryn will notify the KofC that setup will be at 9:00am on Thursday.


BAKE SALE – There will be no bake sale in November per consensus of those present.  Suggest that people bake for the Christmas Bazaar.

WEBSITE – Information on the PCCW will be updated.  Minutes will be posted on the website.  The Christmas Bazaar flyer will be posted on the website.

GIFTS FOR THE PRIESTS AND STAFF –  After discussion, a motion was made by Alice Gerst, seconded by Deb Cox to raise the amount of the Christmas gifts for the priests to $100 and for staff to $50.  Motion passed.  Theresa Foust said that she will use scrip cards.

THANK YOU NOTES – We will check with Nancy Spedowski to see who sends out thank you notes from the parish.

RECEPTION FOR THE BISHOP – Linda Shields said that Father Jager had told her that Scott and Elyse Leach are taking care of the reception and have not asked for assistance.

GREENS BOOH  – Lori Zimmerman advised that there may not be a greens booth in 2-3 years primarily due to the fact there are fewer workers, aging workers and it is harder to obtain the variety of greens needed.    The garden club competes for greens and the deer are eating the greenery in greater numbers.

THANK YOU CARD –  Barb will send a thank you card to Carol Zimmerman for all that she donated to the Christmas Bazaar.

A motion was made by Kay Crew, seconded by Barb Duncanson to adjourn at 1:50pm.


September & October PCCW Minutes


PCCW Meeting of September 11, 2017

There were 11 members present.  The meeting began after lunch with a prayer at 12:35pm.

Secretary Report:  Johanna Kailing read the minutes from the June 5, 2017 meeting as Barb Duncanson was unable to attend.  The minutes were approved with no additions or corrections.

Treasurer Report: Theresa Foust reported the checking account stands at $11,719.76 and savings at $15,144.31.  She listed expenses/income for funerals, expenses for purchase of Bazaar totes and donations to St. Mary School Scholarship ($1200.00), the Fun Fest ($250.00), and another $100.00 donation. The members present needed to approve the summer donation to the Fun Fest.  Dorothy Burch made a motion to do so, Sue Ann McDonald seconded it and all approved.

Deb Cox reported that the plaque that the PCCW approved to purchase was covered for the full $210.00 by Chris Dagget and another donor.

Old Business:  Deb Cox and Mary Taylor of the Welcoming Committee tried to recruit more people to the committee in the summer.  Fr. Jegar Fickel gave them good suggestions for the ministry.  Judie Hess met a new family, Niana Duchan who has two young children in St. Mary School.  They have met and connected to get Niana in sewing at St. Paul’s.

Venetian blinds; Kathryn Mondrella checked with Fr. Michael Burt, who said it would be good of the PCCW to go ahead and make the purchase for the two windows in the left side sanctuary. Kathryn got two estimates; one from Home Depot for $151.35 and one from Select Blinds for $153.35.  Both have 3 year warranties and no shipping cost. Theresa F. motioned we make the purchase according to Tony’s recommendation as he will be installing them.  Theresa Miller seconded and all approved.

Urn by The Blessed Mother’s statue outside; though there is another container for flowers out there, it is unstable.  Two women faithfully plant flowers in it each Spring.   After discussion on how to proceed before buying a new urn, Kathryn said she would talk to the two ladies about how it is working for them.  Mary suggested the Parish send (with Fr. Michael’s signature) Thank You cards to these two women for their continued donation of flowers and care. Kathryn will ask Barb, once she is feeling better, to get the cards to them.

The yearly scholarship donation of $1200 the PCCW makes to St. Mary School is typically not acknowledged by card or bulletin announcement.  For the sake of the Parish community understanding the work of the PCCW and the need of the school, it is suggested we communicate with the principal about this.  Kathryn will speak with J.B Watters about it.

Peggy Walls has not yet looked for assist chairs for St. Mary and St. Paul churches.  She will report next month.

The announcement for the Bake Sale Sept. 16-17 did not get in the bulletin last week.  Kathryn will call Lucile to see if she can make phone calls to get donations and workers.

New Business:  A letter from NCCW alerting local PCCW councils that they may donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief through their Houston Office was presented by Kathryn.  All donations still go to Catholic Charities of USA.  After discussion and in light of the parish donation already collected, Judie Hess motioned the PCCW make a donation through the parish to both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, so that they come through our Diocese.  The amount motioned is $1000.00. Dorothy seconded and all approved.

Prayer Shawls; Theresa M. will get a prayer shawl to Pat Knapp who is having surgery. It was noted that Kay Crew maintains a book which records who receives prayer shawls.

MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers; Johanna Kailing presented a request for volunteers to help watch the young children in this ministry at St. Peter Lutheran Church.  For 19 years it has served local mothers of preschoolers with two meetings per month September-May.  Many of our parish mothers of preschoolers have benefitted from this ministry for support and stimulating activities and speakers. They meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 9:00-11:00am.  Johanna mentors in the group and would appreciate anyone interested in calling her at (231)592-0417 to either volunteer to watch children or to participate as a mother of preschoolers.

HELP; Mary T. gave a reminder of the dinner to benefit HELP coming up Sept. 21 and to ask if anyone going would like to carpool.  Fr. Jager is our representative of HELP in our parish.  Rebecca Buell will be the speaker.

Next meeting is Oct. 2, 2017. Kathryn motioned we adjourn at 2:40pm, seconded by Johanna.  All approved and we closed with prayers of petition by the group.

Submitted by Johanna Kailing

September 12, 2017






There were seven members present.  The meeting began after lunch with a prayer at 12:40p.m.


Secretary ‘s Report:  Barb Duncanson read the minutes from September 11, 2017.  The minutes were accepted as read with the following corrections:  header should read 2017 instead of 2015; delete “and another donor” from paragraph four as Chris Daggett paid for the entire amount of the plaque; paragraph seven “Urn by The Blessed Mother’s statue – instead of  “outside” change to Mt. Carmel Cemetery; last paragraph, motion was made by Theresa Foust instead of Kathryn.


Treasurer’s Report:  Theresa Foust reported that the checking account stands at $11, 371.76.  Theresa noted that there was a $1000 donation to Hurricane victims; that there was donations of $250 for funeral luncheons and $402 from the bake sale.  There is a bill yet to be paid for the blinds in the amount of $128.79.



Blinds – Have been installed.  Tony found them on line at a cheaper price than what was originally approved.  Barb will send Tony a thank you card.


Urn Flowers at the Cemetery – Carol Oliver did not know the name of the individuals who have been taking care of this.  We will wait until Spring to see if they continue with this.  Deb Cox thought that it might be Rosemarie Spence and her sister Ova.


ASSIST CHAIRS – A motion was made by Phyllis Grant, seconded by Peggy Walls to table this until we get more information.  Motion passed.


WELCOMING COMMITTEE – Deb Cox, Mary Taylor and Barb Duncanson gave a synopsis on what they have been working on.  They noted that they are concentrating on welcoming baskets for new parishioners and the type of items to be included in the basket.  After discussion, a motion was made by Deb Cox, seconded by Peggy Walls to provide financial support for the welcoming baskets.  The committee will provide financial needs after some more research.


Father Jager talked to Deb about whether anything is done to provide support to someone who has lost a spouse or family member, or is alone/lonely, had a baby, etc.  The Welcoming Committee thinks this is a good idea and there is probably a need for this, but thinks that there should be a separate group that should be responsible for this and not the Welcoming Committee.



LOCAL COMMUNITY ACTION – Peggy Walls reported that the Big Rapids Police Chief has assigned two officers to go to individual homes to spend time with those in need.  At times the department will get calls from individuals who think they need help and it turns out they are just lonely.







CLEANING THE CHURCH – Father Jager has requested volunteers to clean the Church.  If this is needed, this request might work better if the request was made from the pulpit by the priests.  A few members present said that this was done a long time ago.  But they thought that there was a directive from the diocese restricting volunteers for things such as cleaning the church because of liability concerns.  Barb will take this to the Parish Council and see what she can find out.


CHRISTMAS BAZAAR –  Kathryn reported that we have lost two (2) chairpersons and an assistant chairperson :  Baked Goods, Raffle Tickets, assistant for Jewelry Booth.  Phyllis Grant volunteered to chair the Baked Goods.


We need the following items:  books, new items for the gift baskets, jewelry.


Raffle prizes:  1. Quilt;  2. Appliance of some sort;  3.  Jim Shores Nativity Cross;  4. Centerpiece


BAKE SALE – A motion was made by Mary, seconded by Barb to hold the bake sale on Oct. 21st and Oct. 22nd. Motion passed.


100th ANNIVERSARY OF FATIMA – It might be nice doing something special.  Many parishes are.  No one had heard that anything  was planned here.




Barb motioned to adjourn the meeting at 1:38pm, seconded by Mary.  Motion approved and meeting ended in prayers of petition.


Respectfully Submitted,


Barb Duncanson, Secretary