Newman Center

College Campus Ministry

Programs and ministries geared to the college student and his/her unique schedule. For all students in college and for those of college age.

For the most up to date information, please join the Newman Center group on Facebook.

Sundays – 5pm mass is a Mass for students. Following the mass at 6pm is dinner and a Newman Center planning meeting. Please join us for any part of this evening…Already went to Mass earlier, join us for dinner and the meeting. Hope to see you.

Mondays – Guys and Girls Night – Join the Guys and Girls of Newman as we divide into two groups and take an evening to gather together. Location and event is determined Sunday evening. please contact the Newman Center through Facebook to find the exact details. All are welcome and even through you may miss a day, please join us the next time we meet- 8pm to 9pm usually gather at St. Paul Church

Bible Study/Faith Session – Meets Thursdays in the Newman Center Den, at St. Paul Church. All are welcome to join us as we venture into our faith and discuss issues that are important to us today. 7pm to 8pm.

Here is the calendar for Newman Center. More information available through Facebook.

                                       Newman center flyer

Student supper – Every Sunday during the school year a meal is prepared for the college students by parishioners. This time honored ministry have been in existence for many years to the enjoyment of many students. Meals are free to all students. Join us after the meal to find out what Newman Center has planned for the week.

Newman Center – the Newman Center is a group of students coming together to worship and pray as well as support the community through service and volunteerism. Come join the group as they plan for their events. Meetings are held after the Student supper on Sunday. All are welcome to join in the planning and support of the community.

Student Retreat – join us for November 2 through 4th, 2012 for this year’s College student retreat. Take some time away from studies to strengthen your relationship with God. We will be gathering at Cranhill Ranch is year which is 15 minutes outside of town on a lovely wooded site. Enjoy God’s creation in nature and in others.

Liturgical Ministries – There are many ministries available to you to assist with the proper running of Mass. Use your current gifts or learn a new one for the year.

Minister of the Word/Lector – This ministry provides trained persons to proclaim the readings for Mass. Some time in preparation is required to properly proclaim the word. Assistance is available.

Eucharistic Ministry – Help is needed in the distribution of Holy Communion. Proper reverence and respect are key to this ministry.

Music Ministry – If you sing or are a musician, please join us to help proclaim God’s word in song. Some musical knowledge is helpful. Auditions may be required. We meet 1 hour prior to Mass for practice. Please contact Elyse Leach – Director of Music @ 231-598-0714 for further questions.

Ushering – Assistance is needed in helping with the collection during Mass. Assist in passing the collection basket.

For further information or to signup, please contact the church office at 231-796-5202. Come join us!