Baptism Preparation


What should the parents do to begin the process? Parents are to contact the parish office at 231-796-5202 or 231-796-7393 to request an application of baptism and enroll in a baptism class.

Who should attend a baptism class? Parents, who have not attended a previous baptism class are required to attend. Godparents are not required but encouraged to attend a baptism class with the parents. Parents who have attended a baptism class in the last two years are not required to attend another class.

What happens if the godparents do not reside in the area and cannot be present for the baptism class? Godparents may attend a baptism class at their local parish and provide a letter confirming the completion of a baptism class.

When and how is the Sacrament of Baptism celebrated at St Mary-St Paul Parish? The sacrament is celebrated during Mass (except during Lent). Parents may request baptism during the 5pm Saturday Vigil and 9am Sunday Masses at St. Mary or the 11am and 5pm Masses at St Paul. For pastoral reasons and special needs, baptism may be celebrated outside of Mass. To request this please contact Fr Michael.

Who should be a godparents for my child? According to the Sacramental Handbook of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, policy no. 202 states: In choosing godparents, parents should select persons at least one of whom is (a) 16 years of age and mature enough to fulfill this role, (b) a fully initiated Catholic (received Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) and leading a life in harmony with the faith, (c) free of any impediment of the law in fulfilling the role of godparents, and (d) willing to accept the responsibility of being a godparent.

For more information, please contact the parish 231 796 5202 or