Protecting God’s Children Information


July 3, 2018

To: Those who minister to/where there are children and young people.

Re: Protecting God’s Children, creating a safe environment program

The Diocese of Grand Rapids and your parish, St Mary/St Paul are committed to protect and create a safe environment for our children and young people.  As part of this process, Father Burt has asked me to help lead our Protecting God’s Children program.

It is required that all adult volunteers helping with children or young people take the one time Protecting God’s Children training, sign the Standards of Ministerial Behavior in Dealing with Children and Young People, and have a background check (every 5 years).

In order to update our files you are asked to read, sign and return the enclosed forms.  You may mail it to me at the parish or put it in the collection basket.

If you are no longer active in a ministry dealing with children or young people please email me at  so I can put you on the inactive list.

For additional information, forms and training schedules including locations. Please click on the link below and be re-directed to the Diocesan Website.

In peace,

Beth Dake

Pastoral Associate / Protecting God’s Children Training Coordinator