Online Giving

St. Mary Parish is now capable of accepting donations through online giving.  This allows you to make donations on your computer or other device capable of accessing the internet.   To make an online contribution please following this link to create a login and register your gifts. If you need help with creating a new login, please click the “Watch help video.”

Click here to go to the Giving Online Web Site.

Giving Options

Please note as you make a contribution the following options are available:

  1. Fund options: You can designate the contribution—regular offertory or special funds.
  2. Method of Payment: You will be given the option to pay with a checking or savings account / Visa / Master Card or Discover Card.  This includes debit card versions of these cards.
    NOTE:  Feel free to use any of the above, but please be aware that the fees the parish pays are higher for credit cards than checking or savings accounts and higher with Discover than Visa or MasterCard.  The fees are also higher if there are more frequent smaller contributions rather than larger donations which are given less often.
  3. Frequency of contribution – you may select a one time gift or setup a contribution to automatically be sent at you convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is my information secure? We have setup this site with Our Sunday Visitor and they ensure that the information they collect is secure as any online financial transactions.  Your account is entered and maintained by you and CAN NOT be accessed by parish staff.  The only information provided to staff is names and contribution amounts to what fund.

2)  Can I give only once and be done?  On the home screen you will see an option called “Quick Give”.  This will use your account information only once as you request and then no further account information will be stored except this individual transaction.

3)  To which funds can I designate my contribution at this time? Currently, you can designate your contribution for the following funds at St. Mary – St Paul Parish: General Offertory, Building Fund, Evening Faith Formation, Barb Borth Endowment, St Mary School Foundation, Newman Center Endowment, Gala, Playground project, Guatemala Fund.

4) Is there a cost to this online option?  For each transaction the parish pays a minimal fee.   This comes out of the actual contribution and is not charged to your personal account. The entire amount of your offering is still tax deductible even though the fee is deducted from it.  NOTE:  overdraft fees and over-charges are still assessed by the banks involved with the transaction and these are not deductible.  This is your personal responsibility to not incur these fees.  The church may be required to charge you for overdraft or over-charge fees.

5) What about the collection basket?  If you wish to place something in the basket to signify your offering, you may write a note on an empty envelope indicating you gave online and the amount, and place these in the collection basket.  It is not required, however. Information about who gave and what amount was made is automatically sent to the church so that we may record your contributions.  You will see these contributions on your year-end statements.

6)  What is the benefit of online offering?  First of all, for those who are in the habit of doing things online, this is a great option which adds convenience and saves the time of writing a check and filling out an envelope each week.  Secondly, you can now receive reward points or miles for your credit card contributions to the parish.  Finally, when we are away from the parish for vacations and work, we can set it up that our home parish always receives our tithing.  Overall, it provides us an opportunity to be faithful stewards.  An experienced pastor once said “people might be on vacation, but the bills of the parish are not!”

For further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the parish bookkeeper, Nancy Spedowski (