Parish Council of Catholic Women (PCCW)

We support the following objectives:

  1. To further spiritual and material undertaking in support of the progress of the Diocesan CCW and to work as part of the National CCW
  2. To provide opportunities for the women of the parish to develop their potentialas Christian women, and to motivate and assist them to deal with religious, educational, civic, social and economic issues
  3. To be a representative Catholic women’s body to relate to other cultural, civic, social, and economic problems.
  4. To promote attendance at Mass. To foster love of the House of God and to work for its cleanliness and adornment and to care for the neeeds of the alter and sacristy.
  5. To Conduct approved fundraisers so the PCCW may continue its monetary support of approved activities which include St Mary School, alter flowers and linens, funeral luncheons, bible studies, the mother-daughter banquet, the Holy Thursday dinner, and other community agencies. Activities to support these objectives include the monthly bake sales, and the Christmas Bazar.

Meetings are the first Monday of the month at noon in the parish room. Potluck lunch. All women of the parish are considered members of the PCCW and are welcome.

Appointed Officers

Phyllis Grant
Vice President
Johanna Kailing
Sue Shaltry
Peggy Walls

If you would like to participate in the PCCW, please fill out the this form and either e-mail or return it to the church office or place in the collection basket.