St. Mary- St. Paul Ministries

St. Mary- St. Paul Ministries is committed to responding to the needs of individuals and families who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Our goal is to offer assistance that recognizes the respect and dignity of those we encounter, addressing short-term needs. To help people meet the variety of challenges facing them.

St. Mary- St. Paul Ministries networks with all other agencies in the area. If we have a client with a large request 2 or more agencies will help. We check with each other to make sure all needs are met. St. Vincent’s usually pays for all miscellaneous requests that other agencies cannot pay. The client MUST go to DHS first before contacting any agency.

Our St. Mary-St.Paul Ministries used clothing store is our pride and joy. In September 2001, we added the addition which gave us more room to display our donations. Also we have many more customers. November of 2013 a new addition was added giving us much more room for display.

Direct Assistance

St. Mary- St.Paul Ministries services to those in need and can receive assistance with gas, utility and housing assistance.

The St. Mary-St.Paul Ministries Store

The Ministries Store offers assistance to those in need and is an outstanding source for a variety of donated merchandise at very affordable prices. The store has established an excellent reputation for the volume, quality, and affordability of its merchandise; its spacious, modern, bright, and clean building; and its friendly, helpful and professional staff.


Donations can be dropped off at the (west)side of the building. PLEASE NOTE: No furniture, electronics or mattresses are accepted.

Store Hours

Monday- Friday       12:00 noon -4:30 p.m.

Contact Information

St. Mary-St. Paul Ministries Store: 231-796-1571

Assistance: 231-796-4580